Who am I? Well I’m 24 years old and a very passionate about what I do. Every image I create I strive to make some thing tailored to the feeling or the client I am taking on. As for me the camera is a art tool like a paint brush, so I try to give the most unique product I can.

The client, I always hope you choose me for the reason you love my work. Not just the price, as I do strive to give a product that a average income can afford but quality work overall. I always try to go over the top and do my best for every client as customer service doesn't stop at corporate companies! I will always make sure you know whats going on with the process, how long it will take, and have the best communication I can have with you!

How did I start off in this sort of thing? Well I picked up my first camera little as the age of 6, with my first point and shoot and already had my friends modelling for me. Then at the age of about 15 and received my first DSLR for christmas, I had officially fallen in love with photography since I had picked it up. I went to a high school that supported artistic growth that made me decide to pursue it as a career and study it in university.

Where am I now? I am a graduated student from Grant Macewan university(2015 year) for photography and design after a 3 year program. I also have 3 years of photo education from high school attending one of Edmonton's most successful art schools, Victoria school of the arts. So overall I have about 6+ years in counting of professional photography under my belt. I also work for a corporate photography company which I shoot images for that strives me to learn new things every day!

What I love to shoot is mostly artistic concepts, weddings, and fashion. As I have a love for fashion I enjoy capturing it in camera and showing it to the world. I have recently found a passion for shooting weddings, families, and couples as it brings me joy to capture happiness with my skills. Ive been pursuing applying my images for features and magazines and will continue to grow and work hard to succeed. I have 100's of photoshoots under my belt, 15+ weddings, 35+ models ive worked with, and more!

I have many different experiences in photography. other than just the ones I listed if there is some thing else that you would be interested in don't hesitate to contact me.

Take a look through my photographs from friends and models and beautiful regular people who have helped me in building my portfolio i hope you enjoy my work.

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Instagram @allysa_hillaby_photography

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